Getting To Know Us

Getting To Know Us

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Fuller Travel, "Where the Unusual is Routine".

In 1962, when Fuller Travel Agency, Inc. was established, it was announced in the San Antonio newspapers as the first and only travel agency located on the north side of San Antonio (the other three agencies were located downtown). Forty Four years later it is still in the Alamo Heights area on the north side of San Antonio.

Its founder, Harvey Fuller, was a travel editor for the Houston Post and spoke three foreign languages including Japanese. He wanted to return to San Antonio, where his family had been early Texas pioneers, to share his love of travel. He and his staff of three agents quickly earned a reputation for unusual and exotic travel. Col. Ashen, one of his staff, was an internationally known Shikar Safari representative, was regularly leading safaris to Africa, Alaska and Indochina. Fuller became "the toast of the town" and was handling all the socialites individual and group travel. Fuller was invited to join, as a charter member, an organization known as Allied Travel Group who assisted its members through its worldwide connections, planning F.I.T. and group travel. Allied later joined with Percival Tours and became A.P.I. which is now Virtuoso, the most prestigious group of travel consultants in the world. Fuller Travel is still a member.

Fuller Travel is now owned by Bonnie and Jim Habel. It has a mix of 90% leisure travel and 10% corporate travel. Bonnie brings to Fuller Travel more than 35 years of travel experience as both a consultant and agency owner. Jim handles the finances and their passport expediting service. Fuller has a staff of eighteen highly qualified, well traveled consultants who are an interesting "eclectic" group. Please see our "Travel Specialist" section for details.

Among our eclectic mix you will find specialists in Australia, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Africa dn the Caribbean; experts in adventure, family, groups, honeymoons, special interests, on sites, cruises and FITs. Collectively ther eis over 500 years of travel experience all sharing a common bond of a "Passion for Travel".

Back in January 1963, articles appeared in local and area newspapers announcing a new innovation of Fuller Travel. Surrounding area residents could dial their operator and ask for Enterprise 3370. They would be automatically connected to Fuller Travel in San Antonio. Well, our world has changed a bit in the past 43 years. Now you can click on and reach us worldwide. Some things remain the same! We still offer interesting and unusual travel with the highest level of expertise and service in the industry. We still work to exceed our client's expectations with every trip we plan. We are still Fuller Travel, "Where the Unusual is Routine".

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